“The SWEATERS project” di Federico Pilo (INFN – Pisa)

SWEATERS is a project, at INFN Pisa, devoted to the development of new instrument as energetic neutral atoms (ENA) detector for Space Weather Program to be built with an innovative technology. The energy range of interest is from few keV to 100 keV. Our device is a sort of a "gas calorimeter for ENA particles" with high spatial resolution based on Micro-Pattern Gas Detector (MPGD) technique with the possibility to provide a 3D track reconstruction. The innovative design of our instrument is based on a well consolidated experience on gas detectors for high energy physics with the intent to move this technology within the scientific field of ENA particles. The ENA, indeed, are low energy particles generated by the charge-exchange process, any time the solar wind plasma ions interact with neutral atoms forming the background gas present in the magnetosphere of the Earth. Their study is of great interest to provide fundamental information about Solar wind interaction with Earth and Planetary environments. In this talk, I am going to present the scientific activity of the project, the current status and the future perspectives of the SWEATERS project as a test facility of gas detectors for low energy ionizing particles operated at low pressure.

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