Modeling the strong-field dynamics of binary neutron star, Dr. Sebastiano Bernuzzi (University of Jena)

Abstract: Binary neutron star mergers (BNSM) are cosmic collisions of compact stars associated with powerful gravitational-wave and electromagnetic astronomical transients. Multimessenger observations of BNSMs promise
to deliver unprecedented insights on fundamental physics questions, including constraints on extreme matter, heavy element nucleosynthesis and cosmology. Detailed theoretical predictions of the merger dynamics are crucial for extracting information from such observations. This talk reviews recent progress on the modelling ofBNSMs using simulations in numerical general relativity. In the first part, I will discuss predictions for the complete
(inspiral-merger-postmerger) gravitational-wave spectrum and their application in gravitational-wave astronomy. In the second part, I will discuss merger remnants and mass ejecta, the mechanisms behind
kilonova light. Finally, I will discuss the application of these results to the analyses of multimessenger events.


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