Giorgio Chiarelli    (click here for my homepage in Fermilab)

I am a  Research Director  at Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare. Most of my research activities are on High Energy Physics. For many years they focused on the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF experiment). Now I participate in the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I also studied high energy cosmic rays and gamma rays from (extra)galatic objects.  I have been the leader of the CDF-Pisa group, strong of more than 20 physicists working at the frontier of discovery!  Between 2011 and 2018 I was the National Coordinator of the INFN Group on Evaluation. I was the coordinator of the Committee of Experts appointed by the Italian ANVUR to evaluate Third Mission on Universities and Research Performing Organizations in Italy during VQR 2010-2014.
Since 2017 I am co-spokesperson (with Dave Toback) of the CDF experiment.
Currently I am involved in initiatives aimed to the dissemination of science in Italy and in Europe, and leader of the INFN CC3M (Commission for Coordination of Third Mission Activities), created in 2016 to improve our impact with and for society.

My short bio (english) can be found here (english), or -longer- here (italian)

Office: INFN Sez. di Pisa
Room 148  Edificio C,
Via Filippo Buonarroti 2
I-56127 Pisa
ph +39 0502214215
cell..-> ask if you really need it
ell..-> ask if you really need it

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\redball.gif CDF activities:

Run I

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball_002.gif Study of b-tagging in top events:

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball_002.gif Vtb measurement on Run 1 data: Vtb>0.78 at 90% C.L.
(appeared on PRL, April 2001
PRL,86:3233-3238, hep-ex/0012029 )
Paper Seminar: web, ps

Run II

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball_002.gif Project manager of the Intermediate Silicon Layers (ISL) detector

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\SF_v1.jpg

(Don't be is 2 m long and 60 cm diameter, first silicon tracker in the world, "only" 4 m2 of double sided sensors made by Hamamatsu and Micron) (ISL Pages at FNAL, Pisa, Karlsruhe, LBL, UCD, UCLA)

Pictures of ISL:

people inside ISL (1, 2)

High resolution ones: Giorgio & Doug in front of the ISL completely filled (so you get the scale)

the ISL by itself, showing that:

"La fantasia abandonada de la razon produce monstruos inposibles: unida con ella es madre de las artes y origen de sus marabillas" (Francisco Goya, Capricho 43)

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball_002.gif Final picture: ISL and the whole SVX entering the C

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball.gif Chair of the CDF Speakers Committee
Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball.gif Responsabile locale di CDF-Pisa (CDF-Pisa P.I.)

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball.gif Co-Spokesperson of the CDF Experiment

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball.gif Coordinatore Nazionale Gruppi di Lavoro sulla Valutazione
Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball_002.gif Now I am working on the Higgs particle, the last piece of the Standard Model (in italian)  (this section to be updated with more info for non physicists)

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\greenball_002.gif In the ATLAS experiment I work in the upgrade of the hadron calorimeter to deal with the challenges and the opportunities of the High Luminosity Phase.


Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\redball.gif Other activities

Organizer (with G. Bellettini, M.Greco and G. Isidori) of the Rencontres de Physique de La Vall?e d'Aoste, yearly held in LaThuile where about 120 physicists involved in theoretical and experimental HEP physics join and discuss the hot topics in the field. We also have a special session where themes of wider impact on the current society are debated. Over the years we ranged from high T superconductivity to the next generation of the internet, without disregarding improvement in genetics, tumor therapy, dissemintaion of science, new nuclear (fusion and fission) projects, mission to Mars, nuclear waste problem, renewables etc.
If you are a young physicist willing to participate we might help you, please contact us via e-mail.

In the past years my interests broadened, therefore I now also deal with problems and initiatives related to Outreach, and to dissemination to the public of scientific results, as well as to the societal impact of research.

Coordinator of the CC3M of INFN (INFN coordination of Third Stream Activities)

I was
Member of the Scientific Committee of
I Microscopi della Fisica, the INFN exhbition for 2005, World Year of Physics
Member of the National Committee on Communication.
Member of the Scientific Committee of INFN news and then 
Former coordinator of the
Communication Group of the European Linear Collider GDE


Chair of ANVUR  CETM-B for the VQR 2011-2014
Member of ANVUR Third Mission GEV for VQR 2015-2019

Member of Science Europe Working Group on Research Evaluation
Member of Science Europe Task Force on Research Assessment
Member of Science Europe Task Force on
Research Culture

Member of the Scientific Committee of the IFAE (Incontri di Fisica delle Alte Energie)
Member of the Scientific Program Committee of ICHEP 2008

Do you want  to play the LHC game and understand how an accelerator work? click here!

Descrizione: Descrizione: C:\Users\giorgio.WIN-PI-INFN\Documents\personal\index_files\redball.gif Presentation to physics conferences (red) and general talks (scientific and financial comm., blu):

Review papers:

Invited Review on CDF Results on Top Physics (International Journal of Modern Physics A)

Lezioni su "La Ricerca dell'Higgs ai Collider Adronici" per il Corso di Fisica ai Collisionatori Adronici (Univ. Pisa, AA 2011-2012) (Pisa maggio 2012, pdf)
Seminario al corso di scuola della fisica dell'AIF su
Storia e risultati del CERN e sue prospettive di ricerca  (Aosta,  3 dicembre, pdf)
Lezioni Corso di Dottorato Universit? di Roma 2-Tor Vergata, (2011 lectures can be found by clicking  here)
Le Masterclass come uno strumento per affrontare il "gender gap"? (Comunicare Fisica 2010, Frascati 12-14 Aprile, here)
Top Physics a CDF (Roma2, Novembre 2007) (click here)
Lezioni Summer Student Fermilab (Agosto 2008) (click here)
Lectures at the XIX TRIUMF Summer Institute on
Collider Detectors (Vancouver, July 15-18, 2007) (click here)
Lezioni XVII Giornate di Studio sui Rivelatori [Torino, Villa Gualino 27 febbraio 2007](click
here for pdf version of the slides)

Recensione de 
Il Golem. Tutto quello che dovremmo sapere sulla scienza (H.Collins, T.Pinch)
Recensione de  Immagini Pubbliche della Scienza (P.Borgna)

Editor of the Proceedings of the VII Pisa Meeting on Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics  (1997)
Editor of the Proceedings of the VIII Pisa Meeting on Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics (2000)
Editor of the Proceedings of the IX Pisa Meeting on Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics (2003)
Managing Editor of the Proceedings of the XI Pisa Meeting on Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics (2009)

Editor of the
Proceedings of the XII Pisa Meeting on Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics (2012)

Internal CDF Notes (Fermilab)

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