Giovanni Punzi

Research activities

Member of the CDF collaboration since 1985, an international group for the study of proton-antiproton collisions at high energy at the Fermilab Tevatron.
Member of the Pisa group who designed and built the Silicon Vertex Trigger, a device that provides the data for most of CDF physics results regarding bottom and charm hadrons, which is my current main area of activity.
Member of the Statistics committee of CDF,  that advises on the correct use of statistical techniques in the analysis of experimental data.
Member of the Particle Data Group since 2005, and author of the 2006 edition of the Review of Particle Physics (soon to appear here).
Recently I am also becoming interested in pattern recognition algorithms developed by natural systems like the human brain (see below).

This is a list of my publications in High Energy Physics (412 as of July 2006)

SVT and trigger


Statistics activities

Pattern recognition, vision, and brain


Thesis of my students.