There are some ideas that have never gone in production, but some prototypes are working somewhere in the world.

These are:

Here you can take a look at some professional circuits, developed for the VIRGO gravitational experiment:
A low-noise force-balance accelerometer (it use the AD630)

A low-noise contact-free LVDT system (it use the NE5521)

A "coil driver" using the LM3886 power chip

A "piezo driver" high voltage modulated power supply

Here you find some useful charts:
How the load's change affect the power output and the distortion of a tube amplifier (GIF 310k)

Heather: life, temperature, emission, etc. (GIF 50k)

Typical reverse grid current (GIF 38k)

Measurements on iron-cored coils (GIF 90k)

If you want a CURRENT feedback, not only a voltage feedback (GIF 90k)

Take a look at my GDM (Grid Dip Meter) circuit collection

Here you find few interesting diagrams: Back to the home page