Opportunities for Internships at US Space Science Laboratories
Summer 2017

3 Internships ASI-CAIF in US Space Science Laboratories. Please check the web site of the Italian Space Agency, ASI, at the following link

1 Internship at Harvard - Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Center for Astrophysics.

CfA is one of the world's premier astrophysics research institutions. With hundreds of astrophysicists, it is one of the most vibrant and exciting environments to get involved in world class research. Lots of researchers with strong experience are actively engaged in research in the field of our solar system, nearby stars with planets, star formation, Milky Way structure, nearby galaxies composition, relativistic jets to the early Universe, dark matter and dark energy, first galaxies formation. The Visiting Scientist and Visiting Students Programs of the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory attract many national and international visitors every year.
A 2-month internship at CfA is available for summer 2017. An extension to three months may be possible, depending on funds availability. Financial support may vary with the length of the visit, but it will be a least 2,000 USD/month, which is sufficient for lodging and an appropriate style of life. A reimbursment of 50 % of the flight ticket and of the entire cost of the health insurance for the whole permanence on US soil will be provided. Additional useful information for CfA visitors is available at SAO Fellowship Program Resources.

The Training Program may be chosen among the following topics:

- X-ray observations of the relativistic jets in M87 monitoring program

- Chandra snapshot survey of radio galaxies in the Third Cambridge Catalog

- Local environment of radio-loud sources.

All the mentioned projects include learning skills on Chandra data reduction and data analysis procedures, as well as multifrequency imaging techniques to compare flux maps at different frequencies.
For more information on the internship please contact Dr. Francesco Massaro at the University of Torino (f.massaro@unito.it).

Applications are limited to students of "Laurea Magistrale" in Physics and Astrophysics of Italian Universities, and will be evaluated on a competitive basis. The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of his/her academic achievement, average score in the exams, graduation score at "Laurea Triennale", and his/her suitability for the program, as indicated in the personal statement and CV, and in the interview. The interviews will be performed on Skype. The interview aims also at verifying if the student is proficient in English. To be admitted to the interview, a preselection will be applied on the students' academic achievement.
To apply, please download the Application Form, complete it in all its parts and send it by email to cfa.summerschool@gmail.com , together with a CV in European format, and a brief letter with a description of the research interests and the personal motivation to participate to the program, before February 28th, 2017. At least 1 letter of reference is requested.
The successful candidate will be notified of acceptance within Aprile 20th 2017. He/She will be automatically enrolled to the University of Pisa Summer School "Summer student at Fermilab and other US Laboratories" at no cost.