Neutrino masses and mixings and...

Authors:   Alessandro Strumia, Francesco Vissani.
Comments: 243 pages, 73 figures, will be updated following future developments.
We review the main experimental and theoretical results related to
neutrino physics and outline possible lines of developement.

The main topics covered are: neutrino masses, oscillations, solar and atmospheric evidences,
the LSND/MiniBoone, HM, NuTeV anomalies, future oscillation experiments, beta and 0nu2beta decays,
leptogenesis, supernovae, astrophysics, cosmology, flavour models, RGE corrections,
violations of lepton flavor in charged leptons, statistics.

Full-text: PDF (4 MB)

(this version will be updated more frequently than the one at arXiv).

Version 1: (June 2006): 218 pages, 64 figures.

Version 2: (April 2007): 237 pages, 71 figures. Latest MiniBoone, K2K and MINOS data included, expanded discussion of loop-mediation of nu masses, flavored leptogenesis, sterile nu as DM, neutrino cosmology, sphaleronic cross sections, relic SN neutrinos, galactic and extra-galactic neutrinos, BBN, etc. References updated and fixed as signalled in O(100) e-mails we received.

Version 3: (April 2010): 243 pages, 73 figures. Added: see-saw at LHC, plot of neutrino/nucleon cross section, extra diagram of loop mediation of neutrino masses; spectral split of supernova neutrinos due to collective oscillations; nuclear matrix elements for 0nu2beta; latest data from KamLAND, Borexino, Auger, Cuoricino, NuMi (including the hint for theta13).